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Toronto-born composer Mark Richards completed a Bachelor of Music in Composition at the Glenn Gould School at the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) in Toronto, and also holds a Masterís in Music Theory from the University of Toronto and is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree in the same discipline there. An accomplished pianist, Richards also holds ARCT diplomas from the RCM in both piano performance and piano teaching.

In 2004, Richards began writing both the music and libretto of his full-length opera Hamlet, and worked assiduously during his summer breaks from university until completing both a piano and chamber orchestra version in 2008. The orchestral version received a workshop and public concert reading at Stratford Summer Music. The piano version of the opera was given a staged workshop in 2009 by Tryptych Vocal Arts in Toronto as part of their 10th anniversary festivities.

Updated February 2011